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Tuesday Golf 6-26-2018 

Today is class # 19 for our 2018 SGJG year.  Today class will  be 5pm to 7pm.
Congratulations to our  1st summer team WIN  !   SGJG  players  hosted  5  teams from the SCGA and Pasadena , total players combined in our first venue only  46 players down 30 players from 2017. Why the change ,  A  2 day junior tournament was being contested   at La Mirada CC.  One of our players  [ Rilley Crosby entered  in this tournament and played her first 18 holes and was driven back to Rancho to play team play . Now that is dedication not only as a player but to her teammates .   There are so many stories with in our program , sometimes its difficult to list all of them.  But let it be known we are very proud of all these golfers and their contributions to golf.
Our next tournament will be this coming Saturday at the Don Kanabe  GC .  We encourage  parents when ever possible to get those juniors involved  in tournament play.
Today on the driving range , we will work with kids in awareness of mental golf.  That is when teeing off on the first tee in front of all the spectators , and when  their  name is announced  it always brings a little tension to the golfer. This is a good thing only because  it makes the golfer work that much more on achieving goals .  Remember everyone is nervous and its how we handle this and overcome our frustrations . If you don`t practice, its that much more  difficult  to succeed . He who fails to plan , plans to fail.   Some of our best players have such a work ethic  that its something to envy .  Not all junior members have the same ambition but enjoy the game just the same. SGJG encourages  all members to push to be better , but most important  to become better citizens first and foremost . For some  junior members , it was their first time in such a situation and all  handle it very well .  As the summer league grows so will these  kids .  Keep it up and see how these kids improve , once a golfer always a golfer.


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